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About Channon

Channon Watkins partners 18+ years of experience with her compassion for helping people to achieve extraordinary results. She is cognizant of the importance of learning and understanding the psychological aspects of aging within the parent and child relationship. To meet the needs of her client’s psychosocial challenges that affect aging adults, Channon decided to pursue her second Master’s in Social Work and completed it in 2022.
Originally, she started her career journey working as an Administrator at an Assisted Living Facility and then transitioned to a skilled nursing facility. With each position, she was able to understand the ins and outs of the business, which gave her a unique perspective to see the process of transitioning a loved one when that time comes. Combining her experience, education, and personal perspective, Channon is now offering her wisdom and guidance with consulting services. With her persistent motivation to empower minority communities, she is looking forward to continuing serving the LA County area while expanding to all Southern California counties.

Channon's Story

For her, this experience is both personal and professional. In addition to the relentless pursuit of her academic and professional journey, Channon gained first-hand experience watching the decline of her parent. Channon’s mother passed away due to heart disease. While declining, the challenge grew to expose that she needed more care than she believed. This very personal struggle was a complicated process for Channon to navigate. Barring Channon’s wealth of professional experience, her mother was resistant to accept her physical state, which put a strain on the relationship. Channon’s personal testimony, alongside her astounding expertise, allows her to assist with the utmost professionalism while facilitating an empathetic supported approach to your journey.

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