Care Crafting Products

With this option, you can mix and match the products and resources that would best assist you through the process of finding the right choice for your loved one
Category: Planner

This Planner helps organize your loved ones’ health journey, providing the confidence you need when making complex decisions. 

Care Crafting Journal
Category: Journal
The Care Crafting Journal is a resource to start the conversation with your loved ones and explore their options and concerns about the long term care industry.
"How Do We Start The Conversation?" A Long-Term Care Guide for Seniors and Disabled-Adults
Category: Book
Whether you’re being proactive or reactive, this book will act as a guide and prime you to understand the long-term-care system, as well as the best way to help a person who is aging, or who is currently disabled.
Care Crafting Kit
Category: Kit / Bundle

This package contains all the needed materials to track the care and progress of your loved one. The Care Crafting kit includes the planner, workbook, hard copy of “How to Start the Conversation? ”, and a year subscription to Concise Connect Portal.