Story of Andie

When caring for your loved one, it’s a good idea to remember you can only do so much. Some
things are completely out of your control. There are even times when family members do not
agree with your decisions. In the case of Andie Parker, she did all she could to help transition her
mother to an assisted living from a skilled nursing facility.

Andie’s mother Ms. Green had a stroke which was communicated to the family as a routine
recovery. The stroke led her to a Skilled Nursing Facility to rehab, unfortunately there she was
sent to the hospital to later find out that she was suffering from a brain tumor. The side effects of
the brain tumor cause short term and long-term memory loss and required her to use a walker.
Making the decision to come back home was complicated because it meant relying on her
youngest child who still lived with her. Their relationship as mother and son was considered as
codependent amongst the family.

As the oldest of her siblings, with a background in the healthcare industry Andie knew her
mother needed to be in a better environment. After reaching out to a friend expressing her
concerns regarding the situation, she received a text back with Channon Watkin’s contact
information. Channon Watkins the administrator for a Care Coordinator Agency. Andie’s action
to seek out guidance led to Ms. Green being very upset with her daughter which ultimately put a
strain on their relationship. But determined to do what she thought was right Andie continued to
educate herself under Channon’s guidance. That led her to get in touch with Kingsley Manor, a
widely respected and well ran facility amongst Assisted Livings.

When Andie took her mom to Kingsley Manor it was to receive more information and to meet
their administration, she recalled a few encounters. The staff at Kingsley Manor left a great
impression on Andie as she observed how things were being ran. She even mentioned how they
had an appealing selection of food options on their menu. Unfortunately, her mother only found
the flaws throughout her experience at Kingsley Manor for example the room sizes and having to
share a bathroom.

Even though there wasn’t optimism that Ms. Green would be open to moving into an Assisted
Living Andie was very complimentary of Channon’s assistance. She stated, “I would say if
anyone were going through this process call Channon”. She says she still receives calls from
Kingsley Manor about her potentially bringing her mom to the facility for lunch. However, after
exhausting all efforts she had to let go and pull back. Caring for her mother isn’t her only
obligation she also has a seven-year-old son that requires a ton of her time.
Andie, reflected on the time her mother was in ICU in 2015 at Kaiser hospital for almost a year.
During that time of need the family came together to create a schedule where someone was
always with Ms. Green. Andie took the dayshift to be with her mom and neglected aspects of her
life to be there for her. Her youngest brother who currently lives with their mother was nowhere
to be found consistently during this time.

Once their mother was capable to transition to a skilled nursing facility there was challenges as
well. Ms. Green moved to different facilities frequently at least three times. The family didn’t
believe the care was adequate and questioned the qualification of the staff. It was the belief of
her daughter that if you weren’t hired in a hospital you ended up as an employee in an Assisted Living. Andie’s experience within the medical industry led her to questioned how her mother
ended up with bed sores and unresponsive at times without the staff being aware. Incidents
happened while Ms. Green was in the skilled nursing facilities. For example, her youngest
brother kidnapping their mother and placing her on the public bus while in a wheelchair without
their knowledge.

Ultimately the biggest challenge for Andie is that her mother is still relatively young being in her
sixties. But she needs the type of care that family can’t provide a home as they still have
responsibilities themselves. The decision to seek advice was made from necessity because she
seen her mother health declining at home. As of today, her health continues to deteriorate while
she still lives at home with her youngest child. Ms. Green rarely leaves her bedroom for long and
has little to no socialization basically bed bound.

-By Jade Davis

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