Story of Sheila Davis

Sheila Davis arrived at Centinela hospital after an unexpected accident, while working on the
football field at So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. She suffered a fractured tibia and fibula to her
lower right leg.

It’s fair to say her life was suddenly altered after losing the ability to walk. She said, “During my
two weeks stay in the hospital my health was the concern”. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only
concern of the family. Family support was limited to her two daughters. Understanding the
circumstances neither daughter was in the position to take her home and provide the appropriate

The option of a Skilled Nursing Facility was presented by her social worker. The challenge was
finding an area Ms. Davis would approve of. She turned down options her family considered,
because of the reputation of an area and lack diversity. Ultimately because she is completely
cognitive and aware of everything, she made her decision. That decision led her to transition to
Driftwood Skilled Nursing Facility in the Torrance, CA.

Ms. Davis wasn’t keen to the idea of moving to a skilled nursing facility. After all, in this new
environment it meant giving up her independence and not being in the comfort of her own home.
Simply not being able to check her mailbox when she wanted, cause an abundance of frustration.
After relocating to unfamiliar territory and coping with the pain of her injury, it led her be very
closed off and cold to her daughters.

In my experience as her youngest daughter, it was extremely difficult to see my mother in this
condition. I remember the uncertainty on how she would like the staff, other residents, food and
so much more. Our relationship was put to the test. The frustration of my mother not being able
to control what was happening at home put a strain on the relationship. Anything that I did was
not good enough simply because I was at home, and she was in a nursing home. During this
time, I was prepping myself for an upcoming surgery which cause me take time away from my
mother and care for myself. There was a lot of guilt on my end, but I had to eventually make
time for myself to prevent the dreaded burnout.

Ultimately, being the strong woman that she is Ms. Davis fought through the adversity and put
herself in a position to be discharged home five months later. Unfortunately, care decisions will
never be black and white and there’s no right way. Mistakes are part of life, and we do our best
with the resources and information we have presented to us at the time.

When Sheila Davis came to Driftwood Skilled Nursing Facility in September of 2021, she had
no ability to walk on her own power. She left Driftwood in January of 2022, walking with full
ability to care for herself. Her relationship has improved drastically with both daughters since
being at home with full independence. Ms. Davis still relies on her youngest daughter for doctor
appointments and physical therapy. However, there is more of a mutual respect on the sacrifices
both parties must make to accommodate the circumstances.

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