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How to use the planner

Whether you prefer pen and paper or a digital copy, our CareCrafting Planner helps organize your loved ones’ health journey, providing the confidence you need when making complex decisions. This planner will help you keep track of all information as it is happening, alleviating the stress and burden of trying to remember every aspect of your loved one’s care journey.

Housed in the planner are areas to keep track of medications, doctor’s visits, your care team, and daily tasks, as well as giving you the ability to upload advanced healthcare directives, and insurance cards. Additionally, you can track symptoms you want to ask the doctor about, providing space to take notes during the following visit for action items and next steps.

Practical applications for your planner

My doctor was very happy that I was able to keep track of the side effects of my medications. Not only do we now have the right ones, but also the right dosages.
49 yrs. old
Los Angeles, CA
The team at CareCrafting has helped me stay organized not just with this journal but also with their services.
61 yrs. old
Appleton, WI
This journal has replaced my other journals. It's been the easiest decision I've made in a long time. Thank you!
53 yrs. old
Dallas, TX