Sensible Solutions

With the growing rate of employees as caregivers, research supports that employees were leaving their positions due to caregiving responsibilities, which increased turnover costs. Statistics show that employee caregiving affects productivity and increases absenteeism because of caregiving challenges.

Care Crafting™, Sensible Solutions is designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of elder care transitioning. Together we work side-by-side with you to develop a concise plan for your senior care if or when the time comes to make a lifestyle change.

How We Help Employees

Our intake gathers relevant knowledge of the situation you are facing so we can deliver the most appropriate options. The platform provides the latest intelligence to empower employees/caregivers; guiding them to the next steps.

We operate from facts and track engagement with the platform in order to provide personal support and relevant resources, such as videos, webinars, podcasts, etc.
We provide one-on-one consulting and local support if critical needs arise.
Employees and caregivers are provided with the resources and opportunity to learn about the overall imperative nature of their role, allowing them to enrich their skills over time.

Product - Package 2: Sensible Solutions

Within our Carecrafting services, we offer companies an employee benefit called Sensible Solutions to those who need assistance caring for a loved one.